ricambi e WARRANTY macchine abbronzatura, solarium e macchinari per BEAUTY
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Assistance and spare parts, we don’t leave you alone!

Bronze Italia has dedicated wide spaces for the warehouses, assistance and reparation of the machineries.

The customers’ confidence is conquered by a good service, besides the sale, for this reason, our priority is to assure the best security to our customers.


   Why our company?

This page is born because we want to introduce our company to our customers, what we do, what we think and what we are working for.

We are born like principals of Bronze Club tanning centres, during the time and with the experience of high quality professional staff, we are dedicate ourselves to the search and we have increased our activity with the direct production of machineries, we have added sun products and the marketing of wellness instruments.

Why our company?

  1. because we are serious and dependable partners
  2. because we help you to create your activity and we are happy for your success
  3. because we put at your disposal our knowledge in every moment


Because we use the heart, besides the head!